Friday, January 1, 2021


Would it surprise you if you found out this guy was from California and grew up enjoying the surfing culture?  His planks are beautifully polished to perfection:  resulting in colors reminiscent of the surf boards and those retro cars.   When they are leaning against the wall they look like surf boards, although he is also representing the floor as the physical world, and the wall as the non - physical world.   

 "I try to avoid all associations so the piece can be by itself.  If a work talks too much, you lose the presence of the work; it becomes illustration."

He was one of the few that actually didn't mind the term minimalism.  He had that West Coast  "Finish Fetish" going on as well.  

Many of these artists strove to get rid of the "artist's hand" in their work - but he did the opposite.  He hand made all his planks. 

They started as hollow plywood structures, he coated them with fiberglass, then painted them.  Then it was time for the sanding and sanding and more sanding - he'd intensively polish to remove every last teeny tiny bump or scratch. 

Would it surprise you if you found out this guy liked the paranormal?  He often said he wanted his work to look as though it was made by unknown beings; something a UFO may have left behind. 

He didn't have anything to do with Stanley Kubrick's monoliths for the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey, but man - he could've!  

I love them!